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  • Are you dressed for the shaking of your country?
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    With all the prophecies and warnings each day regarding the coming shaking of America, many of us look up and plead with God to inform us further. We feel inadequate in our preparations. We don’t really know how to prepare, though we know, because of the Spirit of God working in our hearts, that it’s definitely time.


    I’ve prayed so much about these warnings. The Lord has spoken to me a few times with brief instructions, no details. I too wonder if I am on track, if I’m doing enough, or doing the right things. The beautiful part of this is that I have peace. I know hard times are on the horizon, but I feel no fear. I know He will be with me through the trials. My prayer for you is that you can experience this same peace.


    Preppers are constantly buzzing about, storing up things, food, water, gold, silver, “stuff” of all kinds. But the most important area of preparation is the spiritual one. When you trust your Father with all your heart, what is there to panic about? His promises are still true---every word of the Bible is written there for us to feed on and nourish our souls. Then we can do whatever He tells us to do knowing we are under the shadow of His wings. He is in control and will guide us.


    Spiritual prepping involves constant prayer, seeking Him through the study of His Word, waiting on Him in silence to impart direction. As long as we are close to our Abba Daddy, He will be sending warnings, imparting courage and strength, and offering His love and peace in the midst of the storms. Can you see why this is the most important prepping you can do? What does it matter if you have stocked up five years of food, but you live in fear, anger, panic attacks, dread and turmoil? None whatsoever! Inner peace is your first priority.


    When the judgments of God begin, many will panic. We are the called, the chosen, who are to be ready at every opportunity to offer the reason for our hope. Those who are unprepared will flock to those who have peace, hope and courage. That will be needed more than anything else. How will you offer that if you don’t have it yourself? We live in the Spirit, knowing our next life is filled with every good thing, beyond our imagination. What we experience on this earth is temporary. We must be ready to offer the good news of Jesus’ plan to those who have no hope, for their time on earth may be cut short by disasters.


    Don’t wait for a traumatic event to decide it’s time to look for God. There are issues in each of us that need to be resolved now. They are hindering your ability to hear the voice of God. Stop your busyness now and get still and quiet before your Father and ask Him to reveal the areas you need to work on, to release to Him, so that you have a clear channel to hear Him. Get rid of that thing that brings you to fear, riles your anger or blocks your relationship with God. There is no time to waste. It’s time to draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)


    If you need help with your issues, now is the time to seek godly counsel. Don’t wait. God needs every member of His mighty army dressed and ready to minister to the hopeless. Your assignment is waiting.


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  • We're not alone in our trials
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    Sharing testimonials from your life experiences has an impact on others. We often learn from others’ mistakes or trials, but more than that, we tend to feel better knowing we’re not the only ones who go through difficult times. Hearing how someone conquered the dragon, moved the mountain or tamed the beast, fuels our motivation to keep pushing on to victory.  


    “He comforts us in our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any kind of affliction, through the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”  2 Cor 1:4


    God actually instructs us in how to comfort and encourage others, through His example of how He comforts us. So many times when I’ve been in the midst of a terrible trial, I suddenly am flooded with the peace that defies all understanding. I look up and thank Him because no amount of whining or complaining could bring me to that level of inner peace. He sends down hugs from above at just the perfect time.


    To receive that divine encouragement, my soul has to be open to it. Because I know His love for me is unconditional and I know His plan for me is perfect, I can remain in a position of open heart and mind. That way whenever He chooses to minister to me I’m ready to receive.  If I am angry, unforgiving, doubting His care or otherwise closed off, I will not be graced with that blanket of peace.


    If you find yourself in a trial today that is devoid of any peace or joy, stop, get your soul quieted before the Lord, and tell Him you’re ready and willing to receive from Him. He delights in that submission and rewards it amazingly. He might even have a few good surprises for you in your journey out of the depths.


    “And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.” Eph 3:18



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  • 5 simple ways to change your mood from sour to sunny….
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    1) Identify the point(s) that feel impossibly negative. Speak the thought aloud.

    “Nobody cares if I write a blog this week or not.”




     2)  Stop to evaluate if it’s really true or just feels true right now.


    Well, there was that one person who told me she looks forward to my blogs. Maybe a few people care. But I definitely need more interaction from readers. Open



    3)  What step(s) could I take to reverse the idea and begin to feel positive?


    Maybe I could ask some people what they like or don’t like about my blog.

    Start with my most positive person, of course. Maybe I could ask a pertinent question, or propose a subject I’m passionate about. I should do that right now, and see what happens.     Open



    4)  What outcome might cause me to feel more positive?


    Some encouraging input would lift my spirits and give me that little push I need to keep going. Who knows, maybe I could pick up some new followers.  

    yellow smiley face : Free



    5) How can I change the initial negative thought into a positive statement?

    Speak it aloud to try it out.


    I need to see more engagement of readers on my blog. I’m going to do a little research on what’s trending today and find a pertinent question to include with a new topic.  I’m also going to try incorporating what my friend suggested and see what happens.

    yellow smiley face : Free


    Now I feel so much more motivated -- actually inspired --- to move ahead and create some waves in the blog world. The articles I read showed me some possible mistakes I’ve made and gave me some good ideas as well.



    My mood has changed!    You Rock.jpg

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  • In Quietness and Trust is your Strength
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    In Quietness and Trust is your Strength

    “For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in his steps.


    He never sinned, nor ever deceived anyone;

    He did not retaliate when he was insulted, nor threaten revenge when he suffered.

    He left his case in the hands of God, who always judges fairly.

    He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross, so that we can be dead to sin

     and live for what is right.

    By his wounds you are healed.

    Once you were like sheep who wandered away.

    But now you have turned to your Shepherd, the Guardian of your souls.”

    1 Peter 2:21-25


    As followers of Christ, we are called to suffer. Jesus suffered and told us to be prepared to follow His example. He said the world would hate us. Our goal should be to handle that hatred and persecution in the same manner as He did. Easy? Absolutely not. Some of us fall apart when some nonbeliever insults us online or contradicts our opinions.


    We often see Jesus portrayed as this gentle, soft-spoken, wimpy sort of fellow. If you read your Bible carefully, you will see that in no way does that characterize our Savior. At the time of His crucifixion, He was very quiet, never arguing, threatening or defending His case. What that portrays is an amazing inner strength that almost defies reason. Most of us would have chosen to yell, cry out about injustice, or point blame on someone else.


    The scripture says clearly that He left His case in the hands of God, Who always judges fairly.

    We must develop that inner strength, that faith in our Father, that unwavering trust that God has us covered. If we are living godly lives, doing our best to walk in the Spirit and follow His plan, we can rest in knowing that the outcome of our plight will be handled efficiently by God.

    For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said, "In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength." Isaiah 30:15

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